Tiger Balm vs Icy Hot Review [2018] Naked Truth

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Tiger Balm vs Icy HotAre you experiencing joint pain, minor injuries, or even muscle pain and don’t know what to use to relieve it?

Did you try some creams before or exercises and nothing seemed to work?

Read our comparison guide and hopefully it’ll help you make a smart decision between best arthritis cream to try.

What is Tiger Balm

Tiger balm is an effective mild pain reliever which provides a cooling sensation when rubbed on the skin. It is a mixture of medicines that are used to alleviate muscle pain, joint pain, Arthritis, backache, and stiff muscles.

What is Icy Hot

If you have never experienced any lightening-fast muscle pain reliever then you have never used icy hot cream. For your information, it acts faster by targeting the nerve endings where pains mostly concentrates. It penetrates faster and brings relief to the affected area within minutes of application.

Tiger Balm Ingredients

Haw Par Healthcare have termed Tiger Balm Ingredients as “Secret” so what exactly is used to manufacture this product? Modern researchers have been able to find out active ingredients available in Tiger Balm. They include

– Camphor

It is a compound which is derived from camphor laurel tree which has analgesic and decongestant properties. It is an effective treatment which produces a soothing and warm sensation that helps to eliminate pain. 

– Menthol

It is a compound that is found in most pain relieve ointments and occurs naturally in peppermint. It has analgesic effects and enhances a cool sensation when applied on the skin and helps to eliminate pain.

– Cajuput Oil

Cajuput oil is derived from leaves of a tree called Melaleuca Leucadendra which contains strong pain killing properties. It is able to relieve pain resulting from sore ligaments, muscle tension, bruises, slipped disk, and many others.

– Clove Bud Oil

Clove bud is the best pain reliever with strong disinfecting properties. It contains a compound called eugenol which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to warm the skin and reduce swelling and can also work as an insect repellant.

Icy Hot Ingredients

Due to its diligent role of desensitizing all cases of aggravated nerve endings, icy hot cream boasts of effective ingredients combined to facilitate the functions. The cream therefore contains 29% of methyl salicylate and 7.6 % menthol whose combination portrays ease in absorption and penetration to the nerves.

If you’re interested to read about these creams side effects then click here for a full Tiger Balm review or check price for Tiger Balm . Click here for a full Icy Hot review or check price for Icy Hot.

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