Tiger Balm Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

tiger-balm-reviewAre you experiencing joint pain, minor injuries, or even muscle pain and don’t know what to use to relieve it?

Tiger balm is an effective mild pain reliever which provides a cooling sensation when rubbed on the skin. It is a mixture of medicines that are used to alleviate muscle pain, joint pain, Arthritis, backache, and stiff muscles.

This tropical pain reliever is made using plant-based resources and herbal materials to effectively ease pain caused by Arthritis.

It is a non-staining ointment with herbal ingredients that are fundamental in ensuring effective penetration effect to muscles. 

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A single application is able to enhance a comforting relief for muscle pain, joints, and backache. Tiger balm acts fast for effective pain relieve and help to alleviate pain in any part of the body.

Tiger Balm is manufactured and marketed by Haw Par Healthcare which is a company based in Singapore. The manufacturer has not been able to disclose the ingredients of this product claiming to be a secret. The company says that it is produced using an herbal formula that was invented by ancient Chinese emperors in the 18th century.

For people who are not able to take their medications orally, tropical medication is the best option. A number of people have attested to the fact that tiger balm is able to bring lasting a relieve to muscle stiffness, sinus congestion, discomfort from mosquito bites and even backache for pregnant mothers.

Tiger Balm Ingredients

Haw Par Healthcare have termed Tiger Balm Ingredients as “Secret” so what exactly is used to manufacture this product? Modern researchers have been able to find out active ingredients available in Tiger Balm. They include

– Camphor

It is a compound which is derived from camphor laurel tree which has analgesic and decongestant properties. It is an effective treatment which produces a soothing and warm sensation that helps to eliminate pain. 

– Menthol

It is a compound that is found in most pain relieve ointments and occurs naturally in peppermint. It has analgesic effects and enhances a cool sensation when applied on the skin and helps to eliminate pain.

– Cajuput Oil

Cajuput oil is derived from leaves of a tree called Melaleuca Leucadendra which contains strong pain killing properties. It is able to relieve pain resulting from sore ligaments, muscle tension, bruises, slipped disk, and many others.

– Clove Bud Oil

Clove bud is the best pain reliever with strong disinfecting properties. It contains a compound called eugenol which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to warm the skin and reduce swelling and can also work as an insect repellant.

How Tiger Balm Works / Does Tiger Balm Work?

Tiger balm is applied directly to the skin to bring a soothing effect in order to ease pain. with its blend of herbal ingredients, it is immediately absorbed to the skin to help relieve pain and swollen muscles. This product works by reducing inflammation which makes it ideal for sportsmen and women, casual laborers, and even anybody with acute joint pain.

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Tiger Balm Side Effects

– May cause breathing problems when used on the chest or throat
– Cause severe Stinging, burning and irritating effect especially when used on sensitive skin
– Causes a burning sensation in eyes

If you experience allergic reactions, breathing problems, or itchy eyes after using this product call your doctor immediately. Do not use on sensitive or broken skin.