OmegaXL Review [2018] the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Omega Overview

OmegaXL-reviewOmega is a unique formula that promises to cure your joint pain and any inflammation hat you may have.

What sets it apart from other supplements is the fact that it has a lip extract that means it won’t lead to complications normally associated with the normal fish oil.

This extract, which originates from the lipped mussels of New Zealand, is highly pure and effective.

It is linked with omega-3 fatty acids, which numerous studies have found beneficial to addressing blood pressure problems and different heart health conditions.

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It is a natural dietary supplement that is made from handpicked ingredients to give the best relief for joint pain. According to the product website, the process of choosing the ingredients is exhaustive to make sure that only the best ingredients get to be used. It is manufactured in very hygienic pharmaceutical standards to ensure that it’s safe for human use. Omega XL is available as an over-the-counter drug.

What is Omega and Company behind it?

Put simply, the Omega XL is a specially formulated natural supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids as the core of its working formula. It is widely considered one of the leading solutions to treat joint pain and arthritis. Omega XL relies heavily on the robust advantages of the EPA and DHA fatty acids.

Manufactured by Great Healthworks, a company that’s registered in California, the Omega XL claims to be the most lethal supplement to counter the effects of arthritis and joint pains. The location as provided in the product website is that of an industry park and we cannot easily rule it out. While the company does have an impressive A from the BBB, it I worth noting that it has received a total of 142 complaints since its inception in 2010. However, all these have been resolved.

The OmegaXL is one powerful, safe and easy to use omega-3 supplement for joint health, and it’s formulated with a 30 healthy fatty acids. These include EPA and DHA that have been proved to be effective in relieving an individual of joint pain brought about by inflammatory conditions.

Containing a patented lipid extract called the PCSO-524 that is extracted from green lipped mussels, a herbal species exclusive to the unspoiled waters of New Zealand, the supplement is sure to work wonders in soothing your joint pains. However, the FDA is yet to validate these statements, and Omega XL is by no means intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

How OmegaXL Works?

The key ingredient of the Omega XL is the PCSO-524, an extract from green-lipped mussel that is native to New Zealand. This compound is loaded with many fatty acids that work together to confront inflammation and relieve joint pain in cycloxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) pathways. In this complex process, the fatty acids found in the PCSO-524 compete for entry to these pathways with arachadonic, which is notorious for inflammation. This way, it displaces the agents that cause inflammation in the joints, something that leads to reduced pain in your joints.

Is Omega XL Better than the Standard Fish oil?

omegaxl-fish-oil-benefitsAs opposed to many fish oil products in the market, Omega XL identifies the source of its oil. This is important in when allowing a supplement to get in your body. What makes Omega XL even more special is the fact that it’s been sourced from one of the world’s cleanest waters, New Zealand’s Green Lipped Mussels.

The Omega XL is a product of extensive research spanning over three decades and has more than 30 clinical researches to its name. Unfortunately but quite expectedly, there are many companies that have tried to imitate this product, but the result has been disastrous to say the least. But don’t be fooled by these imitators.

Contrary to the large capsules that taste like fish, the Omega XL comes in small and easy to ingest gel capsule, and doesn’t leave any aftertaste on your mouth. This supplement is a safe, all-natural joint pain reliever that promotes more active and healthier life.

Possible OmegaXL Side Effects

Being a natural supplement derived from one of the finest waters of the nature, it doesn’t have serious side effects. There are other mild side effects however, and they include loose stool, stomach upset, and nausea. These only occur when the product is not used according to the dosing instructions. Otherwise there is nothing to be afraid of it terms of the side effects.

It also won’t interact with other drugs even though it contains DHA and EPA which tend to interact with blood thinners. But should you experience undesirable effects, do not hesitate to seek advice from your primary physician. Also, if you are lactating or pregnant, make sure that you seek counsel from your doctor first before you proceed to use this supplement.

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What are the Key OmegaXL Ingredients?

They are listed below along with the role that each ingredient plays:
• Green-lipped mussel extract: also called the PSCO-524, this all –natural herbal extract harvested from the purest waters of New Zealand is the core ingredient of Omega XL. It contains up to 30 essential fatty acids, key among them DHA and EDH.

• Olive Oil –thought to possess anti-oxidant properties, this ingredient has widely been used to treat a multitude of ailments in herbal medicine. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory extract that can deal with the discomfort emanating from arthritis and joint pain. Olive oil contains a compound known as olecanthal which has pain relieving properties that has led it to be compared to ibuprofen and aspirin. There are no known negative side effects that are linked to olive oil, although some people have reported allergic reactions after using olive-based products.

• Vitamin E: this is an essential ingredient that helps the body fight off the free radicals, something that leads to the production of red blood cells that are quite healthy. For your body to have a healthy immune system, it requires a small amount of this essential vitamin. But too much of Vitamin E in the body can easily lead to high bleeding risk and can also interact with certain blood thinning medications negatively.

OmegaXL Dosage

According to the manufacturer, the optimal dosage that will give you the best result is taking this supplement twice a day. Take either one or two servings in the morning and evening when you want to retire to bed. It’s recommended to take this supplement with lots of water and where possible, during meals. But if you got Omega XL from your caregiver, take it according to the instructions he or she will give you.

What are the Benefits of OmegaXL?

This is a powerful omega-3 joint supplement that boasts a patented PCSO-524 complex with p to 30 fatty acids that work in tandem to treat your joint pain.

The supplement is backed by more than 30 years of clinical studies to relieve you of joint pain brought about by inflammation.

It promotes natural relief to your joint pain.

It contains as much as 22 times more fatty acids compared to regular fish oil.
It’s formulated from all natural ingredients cherry-picked and tested to ensure they are of the highest quality.

The supplement doesn’t react adversely with any medication.

It’s natural and safe for use by anyone. You can be sure that there won’t be those nasty side effects that are usually seen when you use conventional drugs to treat your joint pains.

OmegaXL Cons

The ingredients aren’t clearly indicated on the product label or website.
The product vendors run paid ads that some people may find a little misleading.
While OmegaXL is based on research, this is not published on their official site.

Is OmegaXL Scam or NO SCAM? 

The Omega XL supplement is by no means a scam. Having taking close to 30 years of detailed research to put together, there is no way it can be a scam. A lot of work has gone into the production of Omega XL, and it’s a product that’s sure to help you put an end to your joint pain woes. Also, the company that makes this product has a good standing in the BBB, and it’s rated A which generally means it’s okay to use it.

It is based on a natural herbal extract, and other ingredients used to formulate this supplement have a track record of healing different ailments. It is derived from a purely natural source, making it safe for you to use at home. But the problem is that from the official website of the product you won’t find enough information that can educate you about this product there you need to read more before you start using this product.

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There is no doubt that Omega-3 fatty acids play a significant role in promoting joint health. These fatty acids have been used for a long time to fight joint pain and inflammation. Omega XL is safe for use and also effective in joint pain relief. If you have been looking for a natural way of dealing with your joint pain, you may want to try this supplement. It has worked for many people, and there is no reason it won’t work for you.

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