Icy Hot Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

icy-hot-reviewHave you ever had this nerve-wrecking pain all over your limbs?

Did you ever use a painkiller?

Did it work?

Well, for your information, these are the most notable questions that the icy hot pain relieving cream would answer at the slightest provocation of body fatigue.

As a pain reliever, icy hot cream fused’ with Lidocaine would rest your numbs by taking away pains in such regions.

Additionally, it would give individuals suffering from pain a taste of topical analgesia leaving you powered and psyched up.

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Icy Hot Ingredients

Due to its diligent role of desensitizing all cases of aggravated nerve endings, icy hot cream boasts of effective ingredients combined to facilitate the functions. The cream therefore contains 29% of methyl salicylate and 7.6 % menthol whose combination portrays ease in absorption and penetration to the nerves.

Health Benefits

Icy hot cream has an array of health benefits compared to other pain-relieving creams in the markets today. These benefits include:

Faster Action

If you have never experienced any lightening-fast muscle pain reliever then you have never used icy hot cream. For your information, it acts faster by targeting the nerve endings where pains mostly concentrates. It penetrates faster and brings relief to the affected area within minutes of application.

Long lasting Effect

Untypical of most pain-relieving creams, icy hot cream would not relieve your pain for a few minutes. It has a longer lasting effect courtesy of the menthol ingredient that lacks in most pain relievers. The menthol ingredient allows the nerves to assume a longer state of calm which ultimately eradicates pain affecting the body muscles.

Desensitization of Aggravated Nerves

Ever experienced intolerable effects of aggravated nerves? If you have you can attest they can be the most problematic. The remedy for such a problem can only be found with the application of icy hot cream since it only does one thing – desensitizing them.
What the cream does is majorly to bring a ‘stroking’ feeling to the nerves making them least sensitive to effects of fatigue.

How Does Icy Hot Works

The two ingredients in the cream prove vital in creating a cooling sensation in the area of application which progressively follows a warm sensation that works to neutralize the pain around the muscles. In fact, it causes a distracting effect, slowly driving you away from the pain. It executes this miracle’ through blocking the pain pathways used to transmit pain signals to the brain and consequently replacing them with a cool and calm sensation to dull the warmth of the pain away.

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Regardless of its not-so-sweet’ aroma, it is viably the best reliever from chronic pains and muscle aches.Readily available and convenient for handling of fatigue of the muscles

It is overly soft and has a tender texture assuring you of ease when applying through the affected areas.

Icy hot cream also does an extra job of relaxing your muscles by gentling unknotting them.


May at times, its creamy nature leaves the skin oily or rather greasy after application hence staining fabrics. It can react with an oily skin, rendering you uncomfortable as a user.

Icy Hot Side Effects

Like any other skin-targeting ointment, icy hot exhibits some few side effects ranging from mild to chronic. Firstly, application of the cream in the affected areas may translate to some form of redness and warmth that couples with a burning sensation after application. Since they may only occur after few hours, any prolonging of these feelings would call for the intervention of a doctor.

Preferably, such cases would call for the attention of a dermatologist. Notably, there exist slim chances of having chronic or serious effects. What if any blistering, ringing ears, unending pains and severe redness in the applied parts occur? Well, the first step would involve halting the use of the drug. Subsequently, you need to contact your doctor right away to establish the cause of the seriousness of the side effects.

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