Biofreeze vs Icy Hot Review [2018] the Naked Truth

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Biofreeze vs Icy Hot reviewThe two ingredients in the Icy Hot cream prove vital in creating a cooling sensation in the area of application which progressively follows a warm sensation that works to neutralize the pain around the muscles.

The main ingredient of Biofreeze is known as menthol that is well known to reduce joint as well as muscle pain. It’s commonly utilized in topical analgesics since when the menthol gets absorbed through your skin; it attaches itself to kappa opioid receptors hence producing some numbing effect.

We’re going to do a review between IcyHot and Biofreeze. Okay, they’re both the gel formula. There’s no comparison, alright. Icy hot. I mean I bought this on Shaq’s recommendation there on the commercials. This stuff, I’m telling you, if you have pain, that doesn’t do nothing.

This Biofreeze, this stuff here, is freaking amazing man… and I’ll tell you because I got a very very bad back spine, you know it’s just it’s ridiculous.

I’ll give you a couple hypotheticals. Well first of all all, this icy hot you have to put on like every frickin two minutes to get any sort of relief, it’s kind of like the Maginot Line, you know France thought they were going to stop the Germans from invading and they made this huge freakin fortified line and it didn’t work, which is kind of the way I feel about this.

This stuff here Biofreeze, this is like the freaking invasion of Normandy. I mean it freakin takes a couple minutes, it kicks ass and doesn’t take any names… and I’ve been able to get like two hours of relief out of this bio freeze when I put it on. It’s it’s night and day the difference between the two.

This is like 12 bucks at Walmart or something like that… this is six something ounces now I’ve bought this particular bottle here at CVS it was like 10 bucks for this freakin bottle and I’ll tell you, it’s very freakin disappointing, but this Biofreeze – amazing stuff.

I’ll give you some hypotheticals here – we’ll get this out of the way because this sucks.

Say when you were younger, you know, stupid an idiot, these are all hypothetical, you know mostly people that think they’re going to defy gravity, like say you’re sitting out having a few pops and you got a tree, you’ve wanted to trim, you know, after a few pops there you strapped your chainsaw climb a tree and start trimming it and the very less freaking branch of trim is, you know, at the last minute you realize that is the branch you’re standing on. What an idiot!

Or, if you’re you got a dormer in an attic space you know you need to scrape and paint outside and your ladder just won’t reach it, so you think you’re going to defy gravity and you know put your ladder totally vertical, then you realize that doesn’t work very well, well there you go Biofreeze for that. Oh, or you know, you’re outside havin a few pops with your friends break out your CR for 50, aside you’re gonna you, know show off a little bit and accidentally hit the front brake when you’re trying to stop and you know do a header on tree, Biofreeze – that’ll work well for that! Or your skin it’s a nice hard pack moguls, decide you’re going to do a front flip and you realize when your nose and your neck or acting is your brakes that you didn’t stick it quite right, well Biofreeze for that.

I mean I could regale you all night long with stories, hypothetical stories you know, that may or may not have happened, that you know, keep you entertained, we’re not going to tell you what happened last night.

Biofreeze vs Icy HotAll right, so I’ll give you a real-world situation where this Biofreeze is like freaking awesome. All right, I got something going on my back now that it’s been going on for a couple months, it’s been getting worse and worse and worse we’re just walking all right, my chest feels like it’s getting ripped open, my shoulder, my freaking hand, my spine, I mean, the only thing I can relate it to, the pain is, I don’t if you watched Vikings or whatever that the blood eagle, that’s the only way I can relate to pain…

… so last night, my oldest boy was over visiting, my wife had taken our new dog, the big dog, out of the dog park and Petsmart, and my little old lady there she was like dying to go out, so I’m like, well you know what, my kids sleep in this man, I’m gonna take the dog for a walk, so I get my on and I get the dog out, we start walking, I mean, she’s a slow Walker, you know old lady, just slow, I figure, hey, you know what, that’s gonna be all right, so I get down to about where that White House is way down there and I could not go any further, so I turned around, so you come home, I made it, I had to stop three times between that house and the credit union here, the third time I was just passed these yellow wrappers on the guidelines.

I mean just flat out on the freaking sidewalk, I was going to let my dog go, my wife was home by then, I tried calling her, she would not answer her freaking ass cell phone because I, there I could not walk from there to my house here, I was going to let go of the dog. I’m laying there, freaking tears running down my face, not running out my nose, frothing at the mouth from the need to throw up, I couldn’t throw up, then luckily my daughter-in-law happened to drive by before I let the dog go, she noticed my dog Trudy there, and stopped; no they all want to take me to hospital this.. and I’m like no, just get me home and freaking I got to get Biofreeze man, you know, that’s what I need.

So anyways, we get home, and you know it’s quite embarrassing when you’re freaking laying on the damn sidewalk in the snow, and you know ice and the so, my oldest boy and my wife they had to get me undressed, Biofreeze the crap out of me my spine, my chest, my shoulder, my this, that, and it’s like BAM… you know, I mean the relief is just so good.

Now, it only lasts like two hours, all right, so you got to keep doing it. Keep doing it. I got to get me a new tube of this, but it’s amazing, because this stuff here doesn’t do nothing. like I said, if your pain, if this relieves your pain man, it’s nothing than a couple of ibuprofen is going to cure, you know, this stuff here is freaking amazing.

So I don’t know, that’s just that when you know you got to pay the money you get more four ounces 12 bucks at Walmart six whatever 98 I think it is or 58 for the Walmart CVS ten bucks for this and Shaq you should be ashamed man. Alright Biofreeze there man in case you have any of them hypothetical situations or real-world situations that’s the stuff to use.

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