Biofreeze Review 2018 – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

biofreeze-reviewJoint pain as well as inflammation is usually caused by the damaged tissues as a result of friction, aging or even stress. One cannot escape the process since as you age, your joint surfaces are more exposed to prone to damage & your body will no longer be able to rapidly repairing your damaged tissues. Because more & more individuals are actually suffering from the joint pains, various products have been manufactured to cope with the rising issue. Biofreeze is among the joint products which aim at helping those individuals that are suffering from the joint pains & discomfort.

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What is Biofreeze and why you should care?

Biofreeze is simply a topical analgesic which has been manufactured to cope with mild to moderate pain in the joints. Biofreeze can similarly be utilized in relieving muscle soreness as well as the discomfort that comes as a result of with arthritis. Biofreeze commonly comes in form of gel, spray, roll-on or singles in order for the consumer to get the freedom of choosing the manner in which they want to apply this product.

While some topical analgesics are comprised of steroid & narcotic elements that cause major side effects, Biofreeze has the most essential ingredient that is natural & has already been proven effective as far as pain reduction is concerned.

Manufacturer Information

The organization which first launched Biofreeze goes by the name Performance Health, Inc. In the year 2006 however, this company was bought by the Hygenic Corporation. As we speak, Hygenic Corporation is now the legal producer of Biofreeze despite being responsible for the ongoing research as well as this product’s improvement. Their main office is situated at Akron, Ohio.

Biofreeze Ingredients

• Carbomer

• Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

• Camphor

• Glycerin

• Arctium Lappa Root Extract

• Isopropyl Alcohol

• Isopropyl Myristate

• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

The main ingredient of Biofreeze is known as menthol that is well known to reduce joint as well as muscle pain. It’s commonly utilized in topical analgesics since when the menthol gets absorbed through your skin; it attaches itself to kappa opioid receptors hence producing some numbing effect.

It similarly leads to vasodilation hence improving your blood flow & enhancing the lymphatic drainage that helps in inflammation reduction on that area which has been affected. Menthol is similarly a famous counterirritant due to the fact it stimulates those thermoreceptors in your skin that produces a cooling sensation once it’s applied. The cool sensation will serve as a counterirritant hence blocking nerve impulses which cause throbbing pain.

How does Biofreeze work?

We told you to share with you in this biofreeze review nothing but the naked truth about it.

Basically Biofreeze operates by following a mechanism known as the gate control theory such that the menthol that is contained in this product acts like a counterirritant in diverting attention away from your pain. As per the theory of gate control, pain is normally caused by the stimulation of two kinds of afferent nerve fibers.

Once Biofreeze has been applied on that area which is affected, menthol is going to stimulate thermoreceptors on your skin leading to a cooling sensation. This is later going to stimulate your non-nociceptive fibers for the nerves. Stimulation of those non-nociceptive fibers is going to act like the counterirritant mechanism that causes pain reduction on your affected location.

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Biofreeze Benefits & Advantages

• It comes in form of gel, roll-on, spray and singles hence one can choose the product which suits them best.

• It reduces the mild to moderate pains in the joint as well as discomfort in an effective manner.

• It similarly relieves the soreness of the muscle.

• It doesn’t contain any narcotic or even steroid elements hence no major side effects.

• Since it’s a topical analgesic, the pain relief is specifically targeted to your affected area.

• It yields a fast & long term effect.

• It has no color & it doesn’t cause any staining on the clothes.


• It has got a menthol scent which is actually noticeable.

Side Effects of Using Biofreeze

There aren’t any serious Biofreeze side effects that have been reported. However the product can cause some skin irritation such as itching, redness, swelling and rashes.

Precautionary Warnings

• This product can only be used externally.

• Apply this product as per the manufacturer’s directions.

• Wash the hands after utilizing Biofreeze in order to prevent transferring this product to your eyes. In case it gets in the eyes by mistake, ensure to wash immediately with a copious amount of water.

• Keep the product away from children’s reach.

• Avoid applying tight bandage on that area where you have applied Biofreeze.

• Avoid applying heating pads on that area where Biofreeze has been applied since the product’s numbing effect is going to cause some burn injuries.

• Avoid applying on the broken, wounded or even irritated skin.

• In case you are as of now applying, some other topical products ensure to consult the doctor before using Biofreeze.

The Perfect Complement: Hands-On Professional Care

Celebrating twenty five years of a unique pain relief, this product has been the most preferred brand for individuals in pain. Experienced healthcare experts prefer Biofreeze Pain Reliever since it’s time-tested & proven clinically to work well for the patients. This fast and long lasting formula gives fast & effective relief of pain without using some prescribed drugs.

Once used prior to exercise or even therapy, the product promotes a comfortable movement. When applied later, it is going to sooth the sore muscles & joints in order to reduce the following day’s aches & pains. For daily pain, Biofreeze has offered good results for a long time.

Experienced healthcare experts have got the skills & education to give detailed therapy as well as an informed type of treatment. The best approach of managing pain is combining the pain-relieving effects of this product with the professional care of an experienced health expert who is able to help you in overcoming your source of pain. The professionals are trained & always specialize in different methods of treatments. Utilize the Biofreeze site in order to get a nearby provider.

First Aid For Pain

Synergistic Blend

Despite the Biofreeze pain relieving formula being non-systemic, non-NSAID and non-addictive, it also features four per cent USP-type Menthol which acts like an active ingredient & also incorporates a herbal mixture of the USP-grade Camphor, Boswellia, Calendula, Arnica, Burdock Root, Green Tea, Ilex, Lemon Balm, Aloe, and Vitamin E.

Signature Formula

The classic green gel of Biofreeze applies in a simple manner & has a color hint like an important visual indicator for complete & good application on the skin. The dye-free and colorless type uses a similar proven formula for pain relief as the green one, and is accessible to individuals that don’t prefer using dye. These two versions are normally greaseless, free of paraben as well as propylene-glycol, comprise of good skin conditioners and they a very unique vanishing scent.

A Commitment to Perfection

Biofreeze just utilizes active ingredients & some other main raw materials that have been verified in terms of strength, quality, identification as well as purity by the USP, a body that uses standards that are enforced by the United States Food & Drug Administration. The commitment to being perfect for every ingredient implies that the formula which has been time-tested by professionals as an effective pain reliever is consistent each time.

The Healing Process

Relieving Pain Scientifically

Regular exercise is just the key to being well, but injury leads to pain that limits one’s ability to exercise. Pain reduction facilitates exercise, training, ultimately recovery as well as rehabilitation. Biofreeze can raise the likelihood of one participating in such critical exercises by simply dealing with one of the main deterrents that people face and that is pain.

Biofreeze has done fifty six clinical studies that examined various aspects of the products performance as well as its effect. This research paid attention on such issues as pain in the neck, arthritis, back pain, soreness of the muscle, knee pain, and some other ailments that are common. Scientific research has often verified Biofreeze’s effectiveness in relieving pain.


Adults & children who are two years old or more: rub some thin film over the affected locations a maximum of four times a day; massage is not essential. Children who are under two years: Seek a physician’s help.

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Biofreeze is just a good product in case you are considering to get an immediate as well as an effective relief for your joint pain & discomfort. The theory behind this product’s effectiveness is not complicated and it has been proven effective for several years of research as well as clinical trials.

Bones are always connected through joints, which permits us to easily move from one point to the other. Joint damage might cause pain that prevents you from doing those things that you once loved. The topical supplements for joint relief seem to work easily allowing you to directly relieve pain in your affected area as compared to the supplements that are taken orally.

A joint pain relief supplement is supposed to be evaluated based on the: potential it has to block any transportation of signals of pain, potential it has to act like a counterirritant in reducing soreness, potential it has to act like a counterirritant in reducing soreness & quality of its ingredients that has been backed by a clinical research.

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