All About Arthritis Gloves [2018] Buy Guide

All About Arthritis Gloves

arthritis-gloves-buy-guideIf you have the unfortunate luck of being attacked by arthritis, then you may have heard of arthritis gloves. There may be many questions running through your mind on just what they are, how they work and why you need them. This guide will help you answer all questions all in one go and potentially help you know which gloves are best for you.

What are arthritis gloves?

Arthritis is surprisingly the most common disability in today’s society. Over 50 million people have been diagnosed with the condition. It involves symptoms such as swelling and pain on affected parts. Arthritis gloves come in to help manage the pain without medication. They help reduce swelling and pain in the affected parts as well as increase hand mobility.

How they work

Though strange that gloves can help with the condition, a great number of people using them confirm their authenticity. They help reduce some of the symptoms of the condition. A number of reasons have been given for the positive outcome.

Top 17 Things to Consider Before Buying Arthritis Gloves

arthritis-glovesIncreased warmth- gloves increase body temperature. This relaxes muscles as well as reducing stiffness. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but here is why it is. Warmth in the human body helps increase blood flow. This, in turn, delivers more oxygen and minerals to the various organs.

Based on what we know about the condition, it may not have a definitive cure as of yet. Increased oxygen and nourishing minerals may however greatly help reduce its progression. 

Healing materials- some people have been recorded to swear off some materials healing properties to the condition. Materials such as copper and magnets have been considered effective in helping the condition. As a factor in harnessing these properties, arthritis gloves are infused with the materials just in case.

Grip- most people suffering from arthritis, especially affecting hands, have a problem with grip. This may be psychologically taxing making the patient feel helpless. Arthritis gloves help mediate this by increasing the user’s grip. 

  • Pain relief

Pain is one of the worst and most common symptoms of the condition. It starts out slow and manageable until it grows into something unbearable. No medication for the condition has been discovered yet. This makes pain medication the only alternative to managing the pain. 

As good as that may sound, these meds may at some point not be enough. In this case, arthritis gloves are a welcome alternative. They can help the patient manage the pain symptoms for as long as possible before they have to use pain medication. Reducing the reliance on pain medication is to its own extent great as far as the patient’s health goes.

  • Convenience

Most people with the condition end up having to carry around their medication. This is in the hope that in case the pain becomes too unbearable, they will have some medication on them. This is wise but may be bulky as well as cumbersome. After all, not many people appreciate carrying that much load all the time while going about their daily activities

Arthritis gloves help counter this by simply being an added component to the daily wear. The gloves can easily be worn and do not interfere with a person’s activities. They are lightweight and host relief properties.

  • Vasculitis

This is a condition common to most arthritis patients. The condition subjects the blood vessels to inflammation. As expected, this blocks the vessels making it difficult for blood to circulate. The result is extreme pain that may lead to mobility difficulties as well as other impairments. 

Arthritis gloves help counter this by compressing the hands which in turn helps increase blood circulation

  • Comfort

Most patients face a lot of challenges when dealing with arthritis. Arthritis gloves help counter them in a comfortable manner. The gloves are designed to suit the user’s day-to-day activity. Since most of them are fingerless, the users can easily do anything they want. They still, however, cover the joints, therefore, achieving their designated objectives in pain relief.

  • No side effects

Most medication coming into the market for arthritis is mostly trial. As such, the user may be faced with some undesirable and unexpected side effects. This may make the choice for medical approaches risky. Arthritis gloves, on the other hand, pose no such challenges. You can keep on doing whatever you were doing without posing any unnecessary risk to your health.

  • Sizes

Much like in any other products, sizes may vary for different people. In the same case, arthritis gloves come in various sizes. It is recommended that any user get the right fit for them. The argument, in this case, is simple. Gloves too small will compress your hands too tight and may cut off blood flow. On the other hand, gloves too baggy will not achieve the designated purpose. The user will end up not getting the full advantages of the gloves.

  • Full fingers full relief

Arthritis gloves come in various shapes as well as sizes. When it comes to shapes, some may have open fingertips while others may be closed. The choice of which to purchase is of course up to the buyer. It is, however, worth to consider that open tipped gloves may offer some aesthetic appeal and grant the user ability to touch and grip things. They however still allow some cold in and arguably beat the overall purpose of wearing the gloves. To reap maximum benefits from arthritis gloves, getting full-fingered gloves is recommended.

  • Reviews

In this modern age, we can simply know how good a product is by simply looking it up on the internet and getting reviews. A number of sites are dedicated to giving detailed reviews on various products. 

These sites help give the potential buyer some insight on just what they are purchasing based on quality and design among other factors. Since it does not hurt to get some comments on the product you are purchasing, it is advised that potential buyers look up previous for their product. This will help you understand how the product fairs in tests and compares among its peers. On completion of your research, you may be able to determine which product is best for you.

  • Aesthetics

Just because arthritis gloves help, a medical condition does not mean you can’t look good in them. Find gloves that complement your daily wear. Make sure they can blend right in with your dressing style and code without attracting unwanted attention

  • Anti-itch and moisture free

Some gloves may prove uncomfortable once worn due to itching. It is recommended that the user understand what material the gloves are made of and if possible, go for some that have anti-itch material. On the other hand, wearing the gloves over long periods may make your palms sweaty. As such, you may want to look for gloves that encourage airflow and keep your hands dry.

  • Copper-infused

As discussed earlier, some people believe in the medical benefits of materials such as copper and magnets to the condition. Though not proven scientifically, it may not hurt to try. If you wish to take advantage of this, you may purchase gloves that are infused with copper

  • Material

Gloves are made of different materials. These materials may have different effects on different people. It is important that you read up on the materials making up your gloves to avoid unnecessary discomfort later on.

  • Stitching

This may perhaps be the determinant in product quality when it comes to gloves. As a buyer, you should understand how and where the stitching is placed to achieve maximum quality and comfort.

  • Anti-slip Grip

This is arguably dependent on the material used in making the gloves. However, this may prove important considering what your daily activities include. You do not want to mishandle delicate things owing to poor grip on your gloves.

Why you need arthritis gloves

Arthritis is not a choice but rather an unfortunate condition. In an effort to mediate the pain, various avenues in medicine have been pursued to no avail. Arthritis gloves offer you a unique opportunity that keeps you fighting for way longer and in the process improve your quality of life. 

Based on what effect you hope to get from the gloves, you can try out a number if thermals or glove splints to help with temperature and/or support. They may not stop the condition, but they will help reduce the progression and that is at least something worth considering.

Arthritis gloves help the user reduce swelling by compression.

Most patients will confirm that the condition may be most painful in the evening or night. The gloves are designed to comfortably stay on for more than eight hours. This is just about the time you need to sleep through the night. Use of the gloves will help you combat the pain through this period.

The gloves without a doubt will help you regain use of your hands by increasing grip. 

Though these gloves may not deal with all symptoms, they are worth having for their benefits in other avenues.

Get the most out of your arthritis gloves

Much like most of the other things, you need some tips to guide you in getting the most out of your product. In this case, the gloves work best if they fit and are worn with consistency. Fitting gloves will achieve maximum effects but only when worn for the recommended 8 hours at a time. 

NB: if you may also have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice before using the gloves. They may aggravate the condition.